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Avenida Rivadavia Manal 02:51
Jugo de Tomate Manal 02:46
El Leoncito Manal 03:29
Todo el Día Me Pregunto Manal 06:03
Blues De La Amenaza Nocturna Manal 05:50
Porque Hoy Nací Manal 04:27
Casa Con Diez Pinos Manal 04:14
No Pibe Manal 03:50
Avellaneda Blues Manal 05:33
Necesito un Amor Manal 03:26

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Doblé en una Esquina
Como Si Fuera a Tocar las Estrellas
Juega el Juego Jugador
Te Daré Mi Mano

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Manal was an Argentine band formed in 1968. They are known as one of the earliest examples of rock n’ roll and blues music from Argentina. Formed in Buenos Aires by bassist and singer Alejandro Medina, guitarist and keyboardist Claudio Gabis, and drummer/singer Javier Martínez, the group is remembered as one of the pioneers of Spanish-language rock music, often being compared with other power trios such as The Jimi Hendrix Experience and Cream. The group started playing together after meeting at the Buenos Aires nightclub La Cueva, though their early demos were rejected by multiple record labels. Partnering with producer Jorge Alvarez, the band created the Mandioca label, the first label dedicated exclusively to Argentine rock. They released two singles under that label, and began fostering a fanbase through live performances. In 1970 the band released their self-titled debut album, containing blues-rock jams such as “Avenida Rivadavia.” The album’s success drew the attention of RCA records, which signed the band and released the follow-up El Leon. In 1972, the group disbanded, though a resurgence of interest in 60s and 70s rock n’ roll led to a successful reunion in 1980. This resulted in the release of their new album Reunión before disbanding again the following year. In the late 80s and early 90s, Manal reunited for tours and special events, featuring various line-up changes over the years.