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Armada Visions of Atlantis 04:03
Wanderers Visions of Atlantis 03:32
Maria Magdalena Visions of Atlantis 03:35
New Dawn Visions of Atlantis 02:58
Heroes of the Dawn Visions of Atlantis 04:31
Melancholy Angel Visions of Atlantis 03:55
Lost Visions of Atlantis 03:57
Darkness Inside Visions of Atlantis 04:30
Legion of the Seas Visions of Atlantis 04:35
Pirates Will Return Visions of Atlantis 06:07

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Symphonic metal band Visions of Atlantis formed in Bruck an der Mur, Styria, Austria, in 2000. Founded by drummer Thomas Caser (the only constant member of the band over the course of their career), male vocalist Christian Stani, female vocalist Nicole Bogner, guitarist Werner Fiedler, bassist Michael Koren, and keyboardist Chris Kamper, the group issued their debut album, Eternal Endless Infinity, in 2002. The band’s ever-revolving line-up changes began the following year with the departure of vocalist Christian Stani (replaced by Mario Plank) and keyboardist Chris Kamper (replaced by Miro Holly). After their sophomore album Cast Away (2004), Nicole Bogner was replaced by Melissa Ferlaak and Fiedler had been replaced by Wolfgang Koch. Visions of Atlantis released their third album, Trinity, in 2007, which was followed by the departure of Ferlaak (replaced by Joanna Nieniewska and then Maxi Nil). The group’s line-up would continue to change with the release of albums such as Delta (2011), Ethera (2013), The Deep & the Dark (2018), Wanderers (2019), and Pirates (2022). Visions of Atlantis’ line-up of drummer Caser, bassist Herbert Glos, male vocalist Christian Douscha, female vocalist Clémintine Delauncey, and guitarist Michele Guaitoli was one of the longest-lasting of the band’s career, appearing on the Wanderers and Pirates albums as well as the group’s three live albums: The Deep & the Dark Live @ Symphonic Metal Nights (2019), A Symphonic Journey to Remember (2020), and Pirates Over Wacken (2023).