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Song of the Dead KANA-BOON 03:15
Naimononedari Revenge the First Take KANA-BOON, Mossa 04:16
Silhouette KANA-BOON 04:01
Naimononedari KANA-BOON 04:22
Starmarker KANA-BOON 03:34
Kirarirari KANA-BOON 03:42
Squall Squall KANA-BOON 04:13
Baton road KANA-BOON 04:41
Torch of Liberty KANA-BOON 03:05
Spiral KANA-BOON 03:02

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KANA-BOON are a J-pop and rock band formed in Osaka, Japan in 2008 by singer/guitarist Maguro Taniguchi, guitarist Hayato Koga, drummer Takahiro Koizumi and bassist Hirose Kaede, who left in 2011 to be succeeded by Yuuma Meshida. They released an EP titled 'Emotion Initiator' in 2011 followed by 'It Was I Who Did Not Understand' in 2012. Their debut studio album 'Doppel' (2013) went to number three on the Japan albums chart. 'Time' (2015) reached number four, 'Origin' (2016) number six and 'Namida' (2017) number seven. Their tracks can be heard on anime films and video games in the 'Naruto' series.

Other EPs include 'When I Released the CD', which peaked at number 14 on the Japan albums chart; 'Asuta' (2018), which went to number 16; and 'Nerine' (2018), which hit number 36. The track 'Crystal Star' reached number four on Billboard's Japan Hot 100 in 2014 and hits in Japan include 'Silhouette', 'Nandemonedai', 'Diver' and 'Fighter'. They released the track 'Massara' in 2019. Their 2019 schedule was to include appearances at venues across Japan including Rock in Japan Festival 2019 and Sweet Love Shower 2019.