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Cuando Seas Grande Miguel Mateos & Zas 04:25
Atado a un Sentimiento Miguel Mateos & Zas 03:17
Es Tan Fácil Romper un Corazón Miguel Mateos & Zas 04:54
Llamame, Si Me Necesitas Miguel Mateos & Zas 04:29
Mi Sombra En la Pared Miguel Mateos & Zas 04:50
Y, Sin Pensar Miguel Mateos & Zas 04:30
Los Atacantes del Amor Miguel Mateos & Zas 05:28
No Me Dejes Caer Miguel Mateos & Zas 04:09
Todo Es Sexo por Dinero Miguel Mateos & Zas 03:42
Donde Arde la Ciudad Miguel Mateos & Zas 03:31

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Cuando Seas Grande
Amame Ahora, No Mañana
Dejen las Armas
Solos En América

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Miguel Mateos became one of Argentina's most treasured rock musicians during the 1980s, releasing a number of popular, Spanish-language albums throughout that decade and beyond. Born in Buenos Aires on January 26, 1954, he formed the band ZAS with his brother, Alejandro, and fellow musician Jorge Infusino in 1979. The group opened for Queen in 1981 and released a self-titled debut album in 1982. Huevos then appeared in 1983, followed by Tengo Que Parar (and its accompanying hit single, "Tira Para Arriba") in 1984. By 1986, Miguel Mateos's personal fame had eclipsed that of his band, and he was heralded as a leader of the Rock en Español movement. Solos en América was released that same year and was heralded as the band's Latin Rock masterpiece, with singles like the anthemic "Cuando Seas Grande" earning gold certifications. Another popular album, Atado a un Sentimiento, arrived one year later. Embracing a more polished, pop-influenced sound, Miguel Mateos moved to Miami and launched a solo career with 1990's Obsesión. As the decade progressed, he released his subsequent albums under the artist name "Miguel Mateos - ZAS," maintaining a wide audience throughout Latin America was releases like 1998's Bar Imperio, 2013's La Alegría ha Vuelto a la Ciudad, and 2019's Undotrecua.