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Hooked On A Feeling Blue Swede, Björn Skifs 02:52
Hooked On A Feeling Blue Swede, Björn Skifs 02:52
Silly Milly Blue Swede, Björn Skifs 02:55
Half Breed Blue Swede, Björn Skifs 02:51
Don't Be Fooled by the Name Blue Swede, Björn Skifs 03:52

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Hooked On A Feeling
Half Breed
I Didn't Sing (In the New York Subway)
Break the Spell

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With its catchy introduction chant, Hooked On A Feeling is one of the most instantly recognisable hits of the 1970s, famed for its use on the soundtrack to Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs. It was originally recorded by religious pop crooner B.J. Thomas, but a bizarre re-make by Jonathan King in 1971 inspired Blue Swede to release their definitive version, which went on to top the US Singles Chart in 1974 and was later used in hit TV show Ally McBeal and superhero movie Guardians Of The Galaxy. The Swedish band originally came together when unsuccessful solo crooner Bjorn Skifs was looking to kick-start his career, and in an attempt to crossover to British and American audiences he tried his hand at glam rock covering Burt Bacharach and Lee Dorsey songs on the band's debut album, also called Hooked On A Feeling. Their follow-up single Never My Love (originally released by The Association) made the top ten and their second album, Out Of The Blue, was a big success in Scandinavia. The band split soon after with Skifs going on to represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest as a solo artist.