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Duncan Dhu

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En algún lugar Duncan Dhu 03:55
Cien gaviotas Duncan Dhu 02:49
Una calle de París Duncan Dhu 02:20
Tu sonrisa Duncan Dhu 02:20
Jardín de rosas Duncan Dhu 02:21
Entre salitre y sudor Duncan Dhu 02:27
Palabras sin nombre Duncan Dhu 04:02
Esos ojos negros Duncan Dhu 03:35
Rozando la eternidad Duncan Dhu 03:32
Palabras sin nombre Duncan Dhu 03:35

Lanzamiento más popular

Cien gaviotas
Sangre azul
No puedo evitar
Esperaré a que se esconda el sol

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Known for their rockabilly-infused brand of pop rock, a rarity amongst the Basque Country’s prominent hardcore punk scene of the time, Duncan Dhu are a Spanish band formed in San Sebastián in 1984. Composed of Mikel Erentxun, Diego Vasallo, and Juan Ramón Viles, the group made their official debut with Por Tierras Escocesas (1985), which was quickly followed by Canciones in 1986. Propelled by the radio hit single “Cien Gaviotas,” the LP sold over 175,000 copies in their native Spain and set the stage for the 1987 blockbuster “El grito del tiempo.” An unexpected commercial success, it outperformed its predecessor by selling a total of 400,000 records. A collection of B-sides entitled Grabaciones Olvidadas arrived in 1989, as well as Autobiografía, a double LP released shortly after Viles’ departure from the group. Following an international tour to support the album, Erentxun and Vasallo took a brief hiatus to focus on their solo careers, only to reunite in 1991 for the funky, dance-oriented Supernova. After a massive concert for more than 120,000 attendees in Seville in 1992, the project was put on hold once again. In 1994, the duo came together to record Piedras, their seventh full-length, and released a live album under the name Teatro Victoria Eugenia a year later. The band’s output waned considerably throughout the early aughts, with Crepúsculo (2001) as the only official release during this time. Twelve years after their latest offering, the duo announced the advent of El duelo in 2013, which marked the beginning of a new phase in their decades-spanning career.