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Lobo-hombre en París La Unión 03:53
Natalia La Unión 03:49
Maracaibo La Unión 05:33
Sildavia La Unión 04:46
Sildavia La Unión 04:21
Fueron los celos La Unión 04:03
Vuelve el amor La Unión 04:50
Ella es un volcán La Unión 03:58
Vivir al este del edén La Unión 04:08
Tentación La Unión 03:58

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The Spanish pop/rock band La Unión formed in 1982 in Madrid with
lead singer Rafa Sánchez,
bassist Luis Bolín,
and guitar player Mario Martínez.
Keyboardist Íñigo
Zabala came aboard shortly thereafter, and the band rode the then current new
wave trend serving up the smash single “Lobo Hombre en París” in 1984. Their debut
album, Mil silhouettes, followed later that year. Zabala decamped after
1988’s Vivir Al Este. They began changing up their recording process by
booking studio time in different countries. British sessions produced 1990’s Tentación, and a trip to
America resulted in 1993’s Psycofunkster Au Lait. They remained one of
the biggest selling acts in Spain well into the next decade with albums such as
2000’s Grandes éxitos
and 2010’s Big Bang. During the 2010’s, they were awarded a double
diamond album for their entire discography, but 2017’s We Are Not Alone
would prove to be their final album. Sánchez
announced the end of the group, implying that the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on
the music industry was a major factor in the decision.