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Supergirl Anna Naklab, Alle Farben, YouNotUs 03:32
Come To Me YouNotUs, ÄTNA 02:33
Narcotic YouNotUs, Senex, Janieck 03:12
Chucks Mi Casa, YouNotUs 02:49
Woke up in Bangkok Deepend, YouNotUs, Martin Gallop 02:49
Seventeen Kelvin Jones, YouNotUs 02:52
What It Feels Like Toby Romeo, YouNotUs 02:15
Supergirl Anna Naklab, Alle Farben, YouNotUs 03:12
Narcotic YouNotUs, Senex, Janieck 03:23
Only Thing We Know Alle Farben, YouNotUs, Kelvin Jones 02:53

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Come To Me

de YouNotUs, ÄTNA


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German DJs Tobias Bogdon and Gregor Sahm teamed up to form Younotus in 2015 and their debut track 'Supergirl' with German singer Anna Naklab and fellow DJ Alle Farben went to number two on Billboard's German Songs chart. They also featured on Farben's 'Please Tell Rosie' track, which peaked at number three on the chart in 2016. They featured with Kelvin Jones on Farben's 2018 track 'Only Thing We Know', which reached number 20 on the Germany singles chart and with Janieck and Senex on 'Narcotic', which went to number 61 upon its release in 2019. Their schedule was to include appearances at EOS Festival 2019, SunsetBeach Festival 2019, Träum Weiter Festival 2019, Sea Festival Beach Festival 2019, Nature One Festival 2019 and Tausendquell Open Air 2019 in Germany plus BA Beach Club in Zanzibar, Tanzania.