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Leão Marília Mendonça 02:46
Pra Falar a Verdade Marília Mendonça 04:12
Morango do Nordeste Marília Mendonça 05:12
Amante Não Tem Lar Marília Mendonça 02:53
Mal Feito Hugo & Guilherme, Marília Mendonça 02:57
Nem É Bom Lembrar Marília Mendonça 04:37
Café da Manhã Marília Mendonça 03:53
Hackearam-Me Tierry, Marília Mendonça 03:29
Uma Vida a Mais Marília Mendonça 03:44
Presepada Marília Mendonça, Maiara & Maraisa 03:16

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The late Marília Mendonça (born on July 22, 1995 in CristianópolisGoiás, Brazil) was a Brazilian pop singer who began performing as a teenager and had hits with songs such as "Sentimento Louco" (2015) and "Unfaithful" (2016) plus "Eu Sei de Cor" (2016), "Amante Näo Tem Lar" (2017), "From Quem é a Culpa?" (2017) and "Absence" (2018), which all topped the Brazil singles chart. Marília Mendonça - Live (2016) and Reality - Live in Manaus (2017) went to number one on the Brazil albums chart. Her second live album, Realidade (2017), received a Latin Grammy nomination for Best Sertaneja Music Album and she released the live album Todos Os Cantos, Vol. 1 in February 2019, which won the Latin Grammy award for Best Sertaneja Music Album. Todos Os Cantos, Vol. 2 arrived in May 2019, featuring the track "Todo Mundo vai Sofrer." She performed at Indigo at the O2 in London in January 2019 and her schedule was to include appearances in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and Oporto and Lisbon in Portugal. The Nosso Amor Envelheceu EP was released in July 2021 and she won the Multishow Brazilian Music Award for Best Female Singer that year. On November 5, 2021, Marília Mendonça died tragically at the age of 26 in an airplane crash in Piedade de CaratingaMinas Gerais, where she was to perform a concert.