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At The Gallows End Candlemass 05:46
Bewitched Candlemass 06:36
The Well Of Souls (Live Elm St Club) Candlemass 05:16
Gothic Stone Candlemass 00:47
Under The Oak (New Version) Candlemass 06:00
Sweet Evil Sun Candlemass 03:40
Solitude Candlemass 05:38
Mourner's Lament Candlemass 06:08
Samarithan Candlemass 05:29
Dark Are The Veils Of Death Candlemass 07:06

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Gothic Stone
The Well Of Souls
Codex Gigas
At The Gallows End

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As pioneers of contemporary doom metal, Candlemass emerged during the 1980s with a thick, heavy sound that made room for classical influences, operatic vocals, and bombastic guitars. The group formed in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1982. Initially known as "Nemesis," the group had adopted its permanent moniker by the time Epicus Doomicus Metallicus marked Candlemass' official debut in 1986. Vocalist Johan Längqvist left after its release and was replaced with Messiah Marcolin, who appeared on 1987's Nightfall. Lineup changes became a permanent part of Candlemass' existence, but the shifting roster did little to slow the band's momentum, which hit new peaks with releases like 1988's Ancient Dreams, 1989's Tales of Creation, and 1992's Chapter VI, all three of which were Top 50 hits in Sweden. Thomas Vikström fronted the band during the early-'90s, with Bjorn Flodqvist taking the helm during the decade's latter half. During the early 2000s, the band's lineup saw a return of several key members, including Messiah Marcolin. This version of the band hit a new peak with 2005's self-titled Candlemass, which reached Number 7 in Sweden and won the band a Swedish Grammy. Robert Lowe became the band's new singer in 2007 and remained in the lineup through 2012's Psalms for the Dead, which peaked at Number 19 on the Swedish charts. Johan Langquist, the group's co-founding vocalist, returned in 2018 and appeared on the following year's The Door to Doom, which was hailed as a return to form. Three year later, Sweet Evil Sun arrived in 2022.