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Beneath the Eyrie (Deluxe)



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Titres de l'album

In the Arms of Mrs. Mark of Cain Pixies 04:12
On Graveyard Hill


Pixies 03:25
Catfish Kate Pixies 03:08
This Is My Fate Pixies 03:20
Ready for Love Pixies 02:33
Silver Bullet Pixies 03:44
Long Rider Pixies 03:32
Los Surfers Muertos Pixies 02:54
St. Nazaire


Pixies 02:27
Bird of Prey Pixies 02:37
Daniel Boone Pixies 04:52
Death Horizon Pixies 02:05
The Good Works of Cyrus (Demo) Pixies 02:06
Please, Don't Go (Demo) Pixies 02:57
Chapel Hill (Demo) Pixies 01:21
Caught in a Dream (Demo) Pixies 02:54
Mal De Mer (Demo) Pixies 02:30
Hey, Debussy (Demo) Pixies 03:22
Under the Marigold (Demo) Pixies 03:29
How I Learned to Earn Rewards (Demo) Pixies 02:59

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