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Live In Prague

Hans Zimmer


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Titres de l'album

Driving / Discombobulate / Zoosters Breakout (Live / From Driving Miss Daisy / Sherlock Holmes / Madagascar) Hans Zimmer 07:37
Crimson Tide / 160 BPM (Live / From Crimson Tide / Angels & Demons) Hans Zimmer 12:14
Gladiator Medley (Live) Hans Zimmer, Czarina Russell 12:41
Chevaliers de Sangreal (Live / From The Da Vinci Code) Hans Zimmer 04:24
Circle Of Life / King Of Pride Rock (Live / From The Lion King / Prelude / Reprise) Hans Zimmer, Lebo M, Zoe Mthiyane 07:09
Pirates Of The Caribbean Medley (Live) Hans Zimmer, Tina Guo 11:57
You're So Cool (Live / From True Romance) Hans Zimmer 02:12
Main Theme (Live / From Rain Man) Hans Zimmer, Yolanda Charles 04:13
What Are You Going To Do When You're Not Saving The World? (Live / From Man Of Steel) Hans Zimmer, Johnny Marr 04:50
Journey To The Line (Live / From The Thin Red Line) Hans Zimmer, Johnny Marr 06:37
The Electro Suite (Live / From The Amazing Spider-Man 2) Hans Zimmer, Johnny Marr 05:14
The Dark Knight Trilogy Medley (Live) Hans Zimmer, Johnny Marr 13:10
Aurora (Live / Includes Introduction) Hans Zimmer, Johnny Marr, Lebo M, Zoe Mthiyane 05:57
Interstellar Medley (Live) Hans Zimmer, Johnny Marr 12:19
Inception Medley (Live) Hans Zimmer, Johnny Marr 13:42

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