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The Deconstruction



Titres de l'album

The Deconstruction Eels 04:10
Bone Dry Eels 03:42
The Quandary Eels 00:54
Premonition Eels 03:12
Rusty Pipes Eels 04:04
The Epiphany Eels 02:18
Today Is the Day Eels 03:03
Sweet Scorched Earth Eels 03:02
Coming Back Eels 00:58
Be Hurt Eels 03:59
You Are the Shining Light Eels 03:39
There I Said It Eels 02:50
Archie Goodnight Eels 00:48
The Unanswerable Eels 02:08
In Our Cathedral Eels 03:19

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