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The Matrix Reloaded: The Album

Various Artists


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Titres de l'album

Session Linkin Park 02:23
This Is the New Shit Marilyn Manson 04:20
Reload Rob Zombie 04:25
Furious Angels (Instrumental) Rob Dougan 05:29
Lucky You Deftones 04:10
The Passportal Team Sleep 02:55
Sleeping Awake P.O.D 03:23
Bruises Unloco 02:35
Calm Like A Bomb Rage Against the Machine 04:58
Dread Rock Oakenfold 04:39
Zion Fluke 04:33
When The World Ends (Oakenfold Remix) Dave Matthews Band 05:26
Main Title Don Davis 01:30
Trinity Dream Don Davis 01:56
Teahouse Juno Reactor 01:04
Chateau Rob Dougan 03:23
Mona Lisa Overdrive Juno Reactor 10:08
Burly Brawl Juno Reactor, Don Davis 05:52
"Matrix Reloaded" Suite Don Davis 17:35