Album picture of Rough Trade: Counter Culture 2008

Rough Trade: Counter Culture 2008



Titres de l'album

Classical Records Department Of Eagles 02:47
Flume Bon Iver 03:33
Charlie Darwin The Low Anthem 04:29
Below It Peter Broderick 03:58
White Winter Hymnal Fleet Foxes 02:26
Palmitos Park El Guincho 02:29
Fair and True Festival 02:23
Lullaby (Mountain) The Acorn 04:19
The North Wind Blew South Headless Heroes 03:06
Jose Fernandez The Heart Strings 03:11
All I Wanna Do The School 03:04
Recent Bedroom Atlas Sound 03:47
Sing Song Waitress Sic Alps 01:41
Graveyard Orbit Crystal Stilts 03:23
Where Do You Run To Vivian Girls 03:15
Polly Koko Von Napoo 02:34
Oh I Understand Lucky Dragons 00:51
Vision's the First... High Places 03:37
Only Loved at Night Softboiled Eggies 03:26
Chrome's on It


Telepathe 03:39

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