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The Studio Albums 1969-1987



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Titres de l'album

Beyond and Before Yes 04:57
I See You Yes 06:52
Yesterday and Today Yes 02:51
Looking Around Yes 04:02
Harold Land Yes 05:45
Every Little Thing Yes 05:42
Sweetness Yes 04:36
Survival Yes 06:22
No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed Yes 04:48
Then Yes 05:48
Everydays Yes 06:12
Sweet Dreams Yes 03:50
The Prophet Yes 06:36
Clear Days Yes 02:10
Astral Traveller Yes 05:54
Time and a Word Yes 04:33
Yours Is No Disgrace Yes 09:41
The Clap Yes 03:23
Starship Trooper: a. Life Seeker, b. Disillusion, c. Würm Yes 09:29
I've Seen All Good People: a. Your Move, b. All Good People Yes 06:56

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