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Titres de l'album

1st Cateract Patrice 00:31
Today Patrice 04:40
Africanize Dem Patrice 05:23
Done (Where Is Luv to Be Found?) Patrice 04:30
Soulstorm Patrice 03:54
It Hurts to Be Alone Patrice 03:07
Only Believers Patrice 03:56
Uncried Patrice 05:17
Rememba Patrice 04:03
Victoriously Patrice 04:38
Have You Seen It? Patrice 03:34
Lil Paradise Patrice 03:33
Here Again (feat. Keziah Jones) Patrice, Keziah Jones 04:48
Town Patrice 03:54
Gun Patrice 04:29
Lead the Way Patrice 04:50
Be Your Man Patrice 04:59
Slave to the River (feat. Laygwan Sharkie) Patrice, Laygwan Sharkie 05:05

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