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Titres de l'album

I'm Outta Love Anastacia 04:02
Not That Kind Anastacia 03:20
Cowboys & Kisses Anastacia 04:32
Made For Lovin' You Anastacia 03:35
Paid My Dues Anastacia 03:20
One Day In Your Life (European Version) Anastacia 03:26
Why'd You Lie to Me Anastacia 03:43
You'll Never Be Alone Anastacia 04:22
Left Outside Alone Anastacia 04:17
Sick and Tired Anastacia 03:30
Welcome to My Truth Anastacia 04:03
Heavy On My Heart Anastacia 04:27
Everything Burns (feat. Anastacia) Ben Moody, Anastacia 03:43
I Belong to You (feat. Anastacia) Eros Ramazzotti, Anastacia 04:26
Pieces of a Dream Anastacia 03:59
In Your Eyes (Album Version) Anastacia 04:07
Club Megamix (Album Version) Anastacia 11:43
I'm Outta Love (Hex Hector Radio Edit) Anastacia 04:01
Left Outside Alone (M*A*S*H Radio Mix) Anastacia 04:04
Paid My Dues (The S-Man's Darkstar Mix) Anastacia 05:25

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