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18 Anarbor 02:37
Gypsy Woman Anarbor 03:09
What He Don't Know Anarbor 03:20
Whiskey In Hell Anarbor 02:54
I Hate You So Much Anarbor 03:09
Mr. Big Shot Anarbor 03:25
You And I Anarbor 02:57
Always Dirty, Never Clean Anarbor 03:25
Letter in a Suitcase Anarbor 02:30
Slow Distraction Anarbor 03:48

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Slow Distraction
Letter in a Suitcase
Until I'm with You

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Formed while its members were still attending high school in Phoenix, Arizona, Anarbor is an American alt-rock band influenced by emo and punk music. Frontman Slade Echeverria, bassist Jess Myers, drummer Greg Garrity, and guitarists Adam Juwig and Mike Kitlas began performing together in 2003, holding their rehearsals in Greg Garrity's garage and playing a series of all-ages shows throughout the Phoenix valley. They released their debut EP, 2005's You Brought This On Yourself, under their original name of "Troop 101," then adopted the Anarbor moniker for 2008's self-released Hearing Colours, Seeing Sounds. Later that year, the group signed with Hopeless Records and released a digital EP, The Natural Way. Jess Myers left the band in October, marking the first in a long series of lineup shuffles. Another EP, Free your Mind, arrived in 2009, with The Words You Don't Swallow marking Anarbor's full-length debut in 2010. Anarbor released an EP of cover songs, The Mix Tape, in 2011, then returned in 2013 with the Burnout LP. Burnout proved to be the band's final release for Hopeless Records. Three years later, the group announced its independence with the self-released Anabor. By 2020, Slade Echeverria and Adam Juwig were the group's only original members. That didn't stop Anarbor from forging ahead with a new lineup and a new single, "Tangerine," which doubled as the title track of the band's 2021 EP.