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Click Click Boom Saliva 04:12
Always Saliva 03:51
They Don't Care About Us Saliva 04:04
Superstar Saliva 04:03
I Walk Alone (Batista) WWE, Saliva 04:07
Lose Yourself Saliva 04:24
Your Disease Saliva 03:57
Ladies And Gentlemen Saliva 03:37
Come Back Stronger Saliva 03:35
High on Me Saliva 03:02

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Saliva are metal band blending rock and hip-hop in Memphis, Tennessee. Singer Josey Scott, bassist Dave Novotny, guitarists Chris D'Abaldo and Wayne Swinny and drummer Paul Crosby first came together as Saliva in 1996. They started to gain traction after making it to the final round of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences Grammy Showcase contest. It was enough to help them move 10,000 copies of their self-released eponymous debut album and get a record deal with Island Records.

It was in 2001 that the band hit the mainstream with 'Every Six Seconds', their major label debut, thanks in no small part to widespread rock radio play of the singles 'Your Disease' and 'Click Click Boom'. The follow-up, 'Back Into Your System', built out the band's rap-rock sound with elements of punk, hard rock and post-grunge before they doubled down on hard rock with 2004's 'Survival of the Sickest'. A year later D'Abaldo parted ways with the band, being replaced for a few years by Jonathan Montoya, formerly of Full Devil Jacket, before he in turn left following 2008's 'Cinco Diablo' and Saliva opted to go on as a four-piece.

In 2012, after Saliva released their seventh studio album 'Under Your Skin', Josey Scott became the second original member to depart, getting replaced by Bobby Amaru. In 2015 Novotny followed suit, with Fuel's Brad Stewart stepping in to fill the void. The new line-up, consisting of Swinny, Crosby, Amaru and Stewart recorded 2016's 'Love, Lies & Therapy', another move from Saliva's rap-rock roots that further drilled down on their hard rock credentials.