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A place for me Gappy Ranks, Bonnot, Heavy Hammer 03:14
Retro Locks Riddim Medley Dre Island, Iba Mahr, Treesha, Fyah T 07:54
Heaven In Her Eyes Gappy Ranks 03:47
Thanks & Praise Gappy Ranks 03:07
Soul Rebel Gappy Ranks, Nereus Joseph 03:59
Karat Gappy Ranks, Jugglerz 02:11
Nice 'N'early Gappy Ranks, Jah Tung 04:03
Nice & Easy Riddim Medley Luciano, Sara Lugo, Chezidek, Macka B 07:23
Picture on the Wall Gappy Ranks 03:29
Taliban Gappy Ranks 03:48

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Jacob Lee Williams, known professionally as Gappy Ranks, was born around 1983 in Harlesden, London, England. A prominent figure in the dancehall genre, his music blends influences from his Jamaican and Dominican heritage. Gappy Ranks faced numerous challenges early in life, including homelessness, but found solace and expression in music. He initially gained recognition within the UK dancehall collective Suncycle, contributing to their early albums. Gappy Ranks' solo career took off with the release of his album Put the Stereo On in 2010. He followed this success with several more albums, including Thanks & Praise (2011), Shining Hope (2013), and Generation (2015), each showcasing his versatility and depth as an artist. Renowned for tracks like "Stinkin' Rich" and "Longtime," both released in 2011.