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Guardians At the Gate Audiomachine 02:05
Breath and Life Audiomachine 01:48
We Are Gods Audiomachine 02:55
I Will Find You Audiomachine 03:09
Lachrimae Audiomachine 01:52
So Say We All Audiomachine 03:19
Reaching Audiomachine 03:11
Legions of Doom Audiomachine 02:24
House of the Rising Sun Audiomachine 02:19
Elysia's Eyes Audiomachine, Paul Dinletir 03:15

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Founded in Beverly Hills, California in August 2005, Audiomachine is a music production company that specializes in creating music for movie trailers. Comprised of songwriter/pianist Paul Dinletir and multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Kevin Rix, the duo has also created music for advertisements, and video games. Audiomachine has also had their music included in the 2010, 2012, and 2014 Olympic Games musical program. Paul Dinletir intended to be a jazz pianist and composer but found himself working for a company called X-Ray Dog, writing music for cartoon trailers and reality TV shows. Kevin Rix has a rock, classical and jazz background and found himself drawn to composing music film soundtracks. Both musicians met and Kevin Rix first became Paul Dinletir before becoming his musical partner in Audiomachine. Initially, the music that they create for all the various productions were industry-only releases but in 2012, they began releasing albums commercially. Their catalog includes albums such as Chronicles (2012), Tree of Life (2013), Magnus (2015), Ascendance (2018), and Cinematix (2020). One of their albums, Trailerized: Covers and Originals (2019), features their unique take on popular rock songs – including “Imagine”, “House of the Rising Sun”, and “Go Your Own Way” – as well as some original compositions.