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HYMNE OL Casus Belli 03:04
TOUT P'TIT Casus Belli 05:22
HYMNE OL 2K24 Casus Belli 03:02
PRÉPARES TOI Casus Belli 03:42
EGO TRIP Casus Belli 04:47
LYON' (Non Censored) Casus Belli 04:30
L'INSTABLE Casus Belli 04:24
ON N'EST PAS LES MÊMES Casus Belli 07:00
Jeune Gamin Okis, Mani Deiz, Casus Belli 03:34

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Casus Belli aims to put the former capital of the Gauls on the map of French rap. As the center of the Paris-Lyon-Marseille axis, the Rhône prefecture appears to be very poor when it comes to successful hip-hop. The artist has been rubbing shoulders with the French scene since 1995, releasing various mixtapes before being signed by Rhoff's label. Catching up with the times, Cassus Belli released Para Bellum in June 2009 and Cas de Guerre in November of the same year.