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Telephones Vacations 03:32
Young Vacations 03:09
Midwest Vacations 04:08
Relax Vacations 02:38
Home Vacations 02:25
Next Exit Vacations 03:21
Friends Vacations 02:32
Away Vacations 02:42
Over You Vacations 02:26
Honey Vacations 02:19

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No Place Like Home

par Vacations


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Vacations, hailing from Newcastle, New South Wales, is an Australian indie rock band, comprising Campbell Burns, Jake Johnson, Nate Delizzotti, and Joseph Van Lier. Their EP, Days, released in 2015, set the groundwork for their success, but it was the 2016 track "Young" from their second EP Vibes that catapulted them to fame, after going viral across social media platforms, amassing over 400 million streams and achieving gold certification in the United States, clocking over 500,000 sales. Describing their sound as "woozy guitar pop," Vacations honed their sound over the years to blend indie rock and pop with hints of shoegaze and lo-fi, unveiling their debut studio album, Changes, in 2018, followed by Forever in Bloom, released under Believe Records in 2020. The band hit the road alongside Last Dinosaurs in 2023 with Tourzilla kicking off in Washington, D.C., and wrapping up in November after making stops in numerous US cities, dropping four-track single "Close Quarters" along the way, which featured the hit song "Next Exit."