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What You Heard Sonder 03:58
Nobody But You Sonder, Jorja Smith 03:33
One Night Only Sonder 03:15
Too Fast Sonder 04:55
Mad Riches Sonder 01:56
Feel Sonder 03:52
Lovely Sonder 04:51
Someone New Sonder 02:55
Searchin Sonder 04:24
Sirens Sonder 03:18

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Too Fast

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Comprising producers Atu and Dpat with lead vocals coming from Brent Faiyaz, Sonder is a contemporary R&B trio who formed in 2016 and dropped their seven-track debut EP, Into, the following year, driven by the track "Too Fast." The group have since showcased their talents across a string of follow-up singles, including 2019's "What You Heard" and 2021's talked-about collaboration with fellow R&B luminary Jorja Smith, "Nobody But You." October 2022 saw the release of the five-track EP Too Late To Die Young.