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Prejudice June, Radio Stevie 03:03
Look Me In The Eyes June 02:56
Facing Away June 03:36
Crazy June 03:13
Summer Day (DUX Remix) DUX, June, Franky Hill 02:52
Anxiety June 05:00
LOVE SONG June 02:54
You n Me June 03:00
Summer Day June, Franky Hill 03:56
Yellow Sweater June 03:13

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Jantar Pra Um
Onde Eu Tava
Deixa Que Sara

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JUNE, a 21-year-old Sony Music artist from Brazil, is breaking all barriers with her “genre-less” and “un-filtered” music in both English and Portuguese. JUNE absorbs her world-wide audience with gritty yet truthful lyrics, inspired production, and masterful design.