Camping Arolla / La Chotte Rock

Ambiance Rock pour Le Camping Arolla et La Chotte

  • par Divinerites
  • 753 titres
  • 53 h 55 min

Titres de la playlist

Bed of Nails The New Christs 06:31
Personal Jesus (Album Version) Johnny Cash 03:19
Talking About America Elliott Murphy 03:54
Car With The Star


Andre Williams 03:44
Hurt by Love Chris Spedding 03:32
Big Fat Blonde The Rainmakers 02:56
Love Kills Radio Birdman 03:44
Bad Boy For Love Rose Tattoo 03:05
Aloha Steve & Danno Radio Birdman 03:58
Lower Yourself The New Christs 04:48
Born out of Time


The New Christs 05:03
I Come Cheap The New Christs 04:19
Descent Into The Maelstrom Radio Birdman 04:24
Hand Of Law Radio Birdman 04:46
Smith & Wesson Blues Radio Birdman 02:55
Have Love Will Travel The Sonics 02:40
The Witch The Sonics 02:40
Wild in the Street Chris Spedding 03:11
Roadrunner Chris Spedding 02:48
I'm Not Like Everybody Else Chris Spedding 03:42
White Middle Class Blues Elliott Murphy 03:23
Change Will Come Elliott Murphy 04:32
Drive All Night Elliott Murphy 03:35
Diamonds By The Yard Elliott Murphy 06:56
Deco Dance Elliott Murphy 05:13
Let My People Go-Go The Rainmakers 03:38
Hoo Dee Hoo The Rainmakers 04:32
Sympathy For The Devil Motörhead 05:24
Ace Of Spades Motörhead 02:46
The Passenger Iggy Pop 04:39