Indie chill | Playlist rock indé, indie, alternati

La playlist de l'alternative et de l'indie rock comme tu n'en as jamais écouté ! Avec Lana Del Rey, boygenius, The Libertines… Sur la cover : The Libertines

Titres de la playlist

Merry Old England The Libertines 04:49
Forever Noah Kahan 04:37
The Architect Kacey Musgraves 02:57
Humanity LAVA LA RUE 03:20
is it too late? Almost monday 02:39
Night Of The Hunter The Libertines 04:08
When We Die (Can We Still Get High?)


YUNGBLUD, Lil Yachty 05:00
Black Hole Boygenius 02:21
Albert Road English Teacher 04:40
Split Screen Kings of Leon 05:03
Alchemy Ha the Unclear 03:29
The Feminine Urge The Last Dinner Party 03:26
Under My Breath NOTD, Riley Biederer 03:12
Lovers War Kids Return 03:10
silver lining The Gardener & The Tree 03:42
It’s not the end Caesaria 03:10
Linger The Cranberries 04:34
Never Be Mine Kings Elliot 03:38
Leave Her D4vd 02:44
Northern Attitude Noah Kahan, Hozier 04:27
Fight Club Giant Rooks 03:37
Gracie Will Linley 02:45
For The Night Argyle, Naveni 02:37
Too Sweet Hozier 04:11
Cross Bridges Lost Machine 02:57
Nothing To Do Kings of Leon 02:55
can't get my head around you The Gardener & The Tree 02:49
The Bridge D4vd 03:01
hurt people Kamal. 02:23
Silence Luca D'Alberto, SoKo 03:19