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Sinners Bleed Entombed 05:10
Left Hand Path Entombed 06:39
When Life Has Ceased Entombed 04:11
Drowned Entombed 04:00
Supposed To Rot Entombed 02:04
Revel In Flesh Entombed 03:42
Bitter Loss Entombed 04:23
Wolverine Blues Entombed 02:13
Wolverine Blues Entombed 02:12
But Life Goes On Entombed 03:00

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Left Hand Path

de Entombed

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Left Hand Path
Revel In Flesh
When Life Has Ceased

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A pioneering band in the Scandinavian death metal scene, Entombed formed in 1987 in Stockholm, Sweden. Co-founders Nicke Andersson, Alex Hellid, Uffe Cederlund, and Lars-Göran Petrov initially performed together under the name "Nihilist" before adopting the Entombed moniker and signing with Earache Records. Left Hand Path, Entombed's full-length debut, was released in 1990 and introduced the infamous "buzzsaw guitar tone" that would come to define Swedish death metal's aggressive sound. Vocalist L.G. Petrov was fired from the band before the recording of Left Hand Path's 1992 follow-up, Clandestine, with Nicke Andersson temporarily serving as the band's frontman. Petrov then returned for 1993's Wolverine Blues, which debuted at Number 2 in Sweden and Number 11 on Billboard's Heatseekers Albums Chart. Entombed steadily evolved its sound throughout the 1990s, embracing slower tempos, hard rock influences, and traditional song structures while retaining the signature buzzsaw guitar approach. Nicke Andersson left the group in 1998 and formed The Hellacopters, but the band forged ahead in his absence, releasing Uprising in 2000, Morning Star in 2001, Inferno in 2003, and Serpent Saints — The Ten Amendments in 2007. Although Serpent Saints debuted at Number 3 in Sweden, marking Entombed's highest chart placement in their homeland since 1993, Petrov left the group after the album's release and formed the similarly-named band Entombed A.D. with Victor Brandt, Nico Elgstrand, and Olle Dahlstedt. Entombed A.D. made its studio debut with 2014's Back to the Front and released two additional albums before Petrov passed away on March 7, 2021, succumbing to bile duct cancer at 49 years old.