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Nothing Left to Fear Benighted, Oliver Rae Aleron 02:43
Le Vice des Entrailles Benighted 03:05
Metastasis Benighted 03:32
Collapse Benighted 03:47
Mother Earth, Mother Whore Benighted 04:28
Morgue Benighted 03:22
Ekbom Benighted 03:42
Scars Benighted 03:14
Serve to Deserve Benighted 03:18
Scapegoat Benighted 02:22

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In May 1998, death metal band Benighted was born in Saint-Etienne, France. Influenced by bands such as Cannibal Corpse and Marduk, the band soon began composing their own material, releasing their homonymous, totally self-produced debut album in 2000. Barely two years later, Benighted released their second LP, Psychose, even more technical than its predecessor. Forging their musical identity on stage, the musicians were noticed by the label Adipocère Records, who signed them and sent them to record the album Insane Cephalic Production in Germany in 2003. Just as they were beginning to make a real impact, Benighted went one better with their fourth opus, Identisick, released in 2006. The band signed to Osmose Productions and released Icon in 2007, before enjoying their first Hellfest show a year later, in 2008. Three years later, Benighted found themselves signed to Season Of Mist, releasing the album Asylum Cave, followed by Carnivore Sublime in 2014. Despite multiple line-up changes over the years, Benighted remains a stronghold of French death metal, and released a new opus in 2017, entitled Necrobreed.