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- Juri, Kolja Goldstein


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Kolja Goldstein was born in Augsburg on November 27, 1991. Born Nikolai Sheehan, the rapper grew up in a Jewish family with four brothers and two sisters. He completed his schooling with a secondary school leaving certificate. After school, he slipped into crime. He was sent to prison for the first time in 2012. After his release, he receives a scholarship for the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. He studied there for a semester in 2015. In 2016, he can be heard on the EP Lass Sie Tanzen (Square Dance) by Ali As with "Konten In Der Schweiz" under the pseudonym Kolja. The rapper then accompanied the Munich native at the Open Air Frauenfeld and as part of his tour. In the years that followed, he repeatedly ended up in prison. Back on the loose, Kolja Goldstein continued to pursue rapping as a hobby. With a contract with Groove Attack, he found his way into the music industry after all in 2020. After his first singles "Terminal 1742", "BLMNBQT" and "SW Utrecht" , Kolja Goldstein released the 8-track EP Art & Design in 2021. In 2022, together with Ngee and the single "Von da wo ich komme", he made his first chart entry in Germany at number 40. In the same year, his own single " Audi Bande" reached number 78 in the German charts. Kolja Goldstein's debut album Global is released in April 2023. The longplayer reaches the German top 10 at number 7 and also reaches top positions in Austria and Switzerland. In the wake of this success, his debut EP Art & Design also entered the charts in Germany at number 45. Kolja Goldstein's second studio album, Interpol, follows in spring 2024. At number 3 in Germany and number 4 in Switzerland, the longplayer is even more successful than its predecessor. Together with Sido, the single "Schwarz" reaches number 62 in the German charts.