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WIR BLEIBEN WACH Volo, CAPO, AK Ausserkontrolle 02:45
Der Block tobt Volo, Haftbefehl 02:27
KRMNL Volo 03:09
KRMNL 2 Volo, Gzuz 02:37
DU KENNST DIE BABOS Volo, Haftbefehl 02:15
BABO Volo 02:15
KILOGRAMM Volo, Pajel 03:05
ABTURN Volo, Bonez MC 02:57
VERRÄTER Volo 02:51
ILLEGAL Volo 03:07

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Der Block tobt

- Volo, Haftbefehl


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Not much is known about the German rapper Volo. His debut single "KRMNL" was released in April 2020 and has been viewed almost two million times on YouTube. He is considered one of the most dangerous gangster rappers in Germany and has already made himself unpopular in the rap scene, especially with Bushido and Fler, with his first track. The song "Illegal" was released in June 2020 and was followed in August by the single "Mahalle", which is named after the record label through which the Berliner releases his music. The track "Haram Para" was released at the beginning of 2021 and the single "Kalite" a little later. Volo released further songs over the course of 2021, including " Unterwelt" in April, "Verräter " in May and "Para " in July. Together with rapper Haftbefehl, the musician released the track "Du kennst die Babos" at the end of 2021.