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Ameno Era 03:55
Ameno Era 03:47
Infanati Era 04:27
Avemano Orchestral Era 04:20
Divano Era 03:53
Shout Era 03:42
Enae Volare Mezzo Era 03:47
Misere Mani Era 04:03
Mother Era 04:24
Mirror Era 03:58

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Era I

- Era

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Misere Mani
Enae Volare Mezzo

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Era at Zénith de la Métropole Rouen Normandie (February 5, 2025)
Le Grand-Quevilly, France

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Fronted by the French rock musician Eric Lévi, ERA is an unconventional New Age band whose songs combine orchestral arrangements and lushly ethereal soundscapes with elements of world music, Gregorian chant, electronica, and contemporary pop/rock. The group launched in 1996 and released its self-titled debut album, Era, that same year. Featuring lyrics written in an imaginary language reminiscent of Latin, Era became the most exported French record in history, topping the charts in France, Belgium, Finland, Portugal, and Sweden. With its international popularity boosted by the single "Ameno," the album eventually sold more than six million copies. Era 2 followed in 2000, going platinum in France while earning gold certifications in Argentina, Belgium, Mexico, and Switzerland. The Mass arrived in 2003 and maintained the group's success in Europe, where the album was certified platinum in both France and Switzerland. After releasing Reborn in 2008, Era added a New Age spin to the legendary work of Vivaldi, Bach, and other classical composers with 2009's Classics. Classics II arrived one year later, offering imaginative reinterpretations of Pachelbel's Canon and Mozart's Requiem. 2013's Arielle Dombasle by Era found the group working with actress/singer Arielle Dombasle, while 2017's The 7th Sword kept Era active during the latter half of the 2010s.