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Monet Alligatoah, Sido 03:06
Willst du Robin Schulz, Alligatoah 03:10
Ein Problem mit Alkohol Alligatoah 04:01
Willst du Alligatoah 03:38
Nicht adoptiert Alligatoah 04:30
Du bist schön Alligatoah 03:48
Mit dir schlafen Alligatoah, Esther Graf 03:19
Verloren Alligatoah 03:49
Amnesie Alligatoah 04:02
Über alle Berge 257ers, Alligatoah 03:51

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- Bosse, Alligatoah


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Alligatoah at Saarlandhalle Saarbrücken (November 8, 2023)
Saarbrücken, Germany

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Alligatoah is a project by German rapper, DJ, and producer Luke Strobel (September 28, 1989), bringing together his two alter egos - rapper and lyricist Kaliba 69 and producer DJ Deagle.
Strobel grew up in Neuenwalde in Lower Saxony. He was creative and ambitious from an early age and while still in school he produced a number of short films, winning a prize for one of them at a film festival.
Strobel's other creative outlet during his school years was music. Influenced by the battle-rap approach of artists in the Aggro Berlin collective, Strobel released his first album, ATTNTAAT, in 2006 while he was still studying. Two mixtapes, Schlaftabletten and Rotwein Teil I, followed in 2007 and by March 2008, Strobel was signed to the label
His follow-up album, In Gottes Namen, was released through the label that year, before Strobel finally finished school and moved to Berlin. Once there, he became a fixture of the city's hip-hop scene, joining the collective Trailerpark and moving to the group's record label.
In August 2013, Strobel released his third and most successful album, Triebwerke, which topped the German charts, going gold and producing the platinum-selling single "Willst Du." In the following years, Alligatoah scored another Number 1 record with 2018's Schlaftabletten, Rotwein Teil V and returned in 2022 with his sixth LP Rotz & Wasser, reaching Number 2 on the German charts. "Fuck Rock n Roll," one of the singles from the album, bowed at Number 83 in Germany.