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Auch Im Bentley Wird Geweint Clueso, Deichkind 03:15
Lecko Mio  Deichkind 03:27
Delle Am Helm Deichkind, Roger Rekless 03:14
Merkste Selber Deichkind 02:33
In Der Natur Deichkind 04:14
So'ne Musik Deichkind 03:12
Geradeaus Deichkind, Roger Rekless 02:36
Bück dich hoch Deichkind 04:07
Bon Voyage (feat. Nina) Deichkind, Nina 03:24
Leider geil (Leider geil) Deichkind 03:11

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Neues Vom Dauerzustand

- Deichkind


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The German rap and electropunk band Deichkind was formed in Hamburg in 1997 by Philipp Grütering, Malte Pittner, and Bartosch “Buddy” Jeznach. Merging techno with rap, they coined the unique term "TechRap" and have explored this concept across a string of well-received albums and singles starting with their debut single "Wer bremst das?!" in 1998. Their first album Bitte Ziehen Sie Durch charted at number 18 in Germany in 2000 and was propelled by the single "Bon voyage," recorded with singer Nina, which charted at number 11. The group continued their hot streak with second album Noch Fünf Minuten Mutti in 2002, which went to number 17 and was led by the single “Limit,” which went to number 21. The group represented Mecklenburgh-Vorpommern in the in the Bundesvision Song Contest 2005 with "Electric Super Dance Band," and placing 14th with 12 points. Their third album followed in 2006, Aufstand Im Schlaraffenland, but failed to hit the same commercial highs as their previous efforts, only reaching number 68 in Germany. Malte Pittner decided to quit the band and was following the hiring of new member Sebastian Dürre, Deichkind set about releasing their fourth album Arbeit Nervt in 2008, which went to number 13 in Germany. On 21 February 2009, Sebastian “Sebi” Hackert, the band's longtime producer, died of a heart attack. After a four-year gap between albums, the group picked up the pace again with 2012 offering Befehl von ganz unten, which was certified platinum by the Bundesverband Musikindustrie (BVMI) and gold by Austria's IFPI. The album also went to number two in Germany. They shot to the top of the German charts with the follow-up Niveau weshalb warum and following the departure of rapper Sascha Reimann aka Ferris MC in 2018, the band released 2019 album Wer sagt denn das?, which went to number three in Germany. Deichkind returned in 2023 with brand new album Neues Vom Dauerzustand.