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Long After You're Gone Chris Jones, Steve Baker 07:04
No Sanctuary Here Chris Jones 03:46
Long After You Are Gone Chris Jones 05:44
Roadhouses & Automobiles Chris Jones 06:28
Set 'Em Up, Joe Chris Jones 03:59
Roadhouses & Automobiles Chris Jones, Steve Baker 06:38
Fender Bender Chris Jones 03:41
Set 'em Up, Joe Chris Jones, Steve Baker 04:54
I Don't Know Why Chris Jones, Steve Baker 05:26
Ain't Got Love Chris Jones, Steve Baker 04:38

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Born November 11, 1958, Chris Jones picked up the guitar as a small child and decided his life’s path shortly thereafter. Before becoming a teenager, he began studying at Baltimore’s Peabody Conservatory of Music where he steeped himself in classical composers, developing a particular affinity for Mozart. After this traditional training, he discovered and dove deep into blues music, and this genre became a huge influence on his work. After joining the Army in 1976, Jones relocated to Germany where he began performing and gaining a reputation as a quality sideman. His various influences, and his great skill, resulted in an ability to play in multiple genres. Because of this versatility he recorded with a number of famous artists such as Kieran Halpin and Reinhard May. His collaborated regularly with blues harmonica player Steve Baker, recording four albums with him including 1995’s Slow Roll, 1996’s Everybody’s Crying Mercy, and 2003’s Smoke and Noise. His solo work, from 1982’s No Looking Back to 2003’s Roadhouses and Automobiles displayed his ability to both combine and jump between rock, blues, country, and classical music. Jones died of Hodgkin’s disease on September 13, 2005.