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Elle m'a dit DJ Quick, Ninho, Hamza 03:45
Bisous DJ Quick, Franglish 03:16
Gunshot DJ Quick, Jahlys 02:17
Coffre chargé DJ Quick, RK, DA Uzi 03:01
Diamant DJ Quick, Alonzo, SCH 03:45
Dybala DJ Quick, Meryl 03:15
Action ka fèt DJ Quick, Lion P 02:20
Histoire de coeur DJ Quick, Joé Dwèt Filé 02:53
La recette DJ Quick, Leto, Bolémvn 02:28
Closer DJ Quick, Jahyanai 02:52

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CODE 97, Vol. 2

- DJ Quick


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Born in Paris, DJ Quick, whose real name is Thierry Landry, got his start on the French rap and R&B scene by DJing for a number of well-known artists including 50 Cent, John Legend and Busta Rhymes, and tested his mastery of the turntable at the 1998 DMC World Championship, where he came runner-up. His style is characterized by a balanced mix of hip-hop-influenced sounds and contemporary instrumentation. Dividing his time between mixtapes such as Quai 54, released in 2015, musical residencies and production work for rappers such as Ninho, whom he has accompanied since his early days via his Mal Luné Music label, DJ Quick has made a name for himself on the rap circuit. In 2021, as part of the label he runs with his brother, Fabrice Landry, aka Nice, he produced a compilation featuring a number of guest artists, including Naps, Alonzo, 100Blaze, Timal and SCH. A first single is unveiled before the release: "Coffre chargé", featuring Da Uzi and RK.