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Bana Aşk Ver Aynur Aydın, Turaç Berkay 03:08
Günah Sevap Aynur Aydın 04:39
Bilmece Aynur Aydın 03:35
Damla Damla Aynur Aydın 03:37
Bi Dakika Aynur Aydın 03:25
Sor Gel Aynur Aydın 03:04
Salla Aynur Aydın 03:29
Yağdır Aynur Aydın, Damla Yıldız 03:19
Siyah Aynur Aydın, Turaç Berkay 03:37
Yanı Başıma Aynur Aydın 03:35

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- Aynur Aydın, Turaç Berkay


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Aynur Aydın (December 15, 1985) is a German-born Turkish singer-songwriter. Born in Munich, she started singing at the age of 10 and made her first live performances when she was just 18. After an unsuccessful stint with the groups Sürpriz and Tagtraeumer, Aynur Aydın moved back to Turkey and launched her own solo career. 12 Çeşit La La - 12 Ways to La La, her studio debut, saw the light in 2011 and featured lyrics in both English and Turkish. Five years later, she followed up with the full-length Emanet Beden, which included the Top 5 hits "Günah Sevap" and "Bi Dakika." Since the release of her second studio effort, Aynur Aydın has remained active in the Turkish pop scene mostly through non-album singles like “Bana Aşk Ver” (2017) with Turaç Berkay Özer, “Salla” (2018), “Düşüne Düşüne” (2019), and “Yağdır” (2020) featuring singer Damla Yıldız. Almost a decade after her first album came out, Aynur Aydın returned with the track “Sor Gel” (2021), entering the Turkish Top 100 at Number 64.