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Ocean Spray Manic Street Preachers 04:13
Afterending Manic Street Preachers 03:54
A Design for Life Manic Street Preachers 04:17
You Stole the Sun from My Heart Manic Street Preachers 04:20
The Everlasting Manic Street Preachers 06:09
Motorcycle Emptiness Manic Street Preachers 05:05
If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next Manic Street Preachers 04:51
There by the Grace of God Manic Street Preachers 03:47
Diapause Manic Street Preachers 04:59
Complicated Illusions Manic Street Preachers 03:23

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Growing up against the backdrop of the miner's strike, listening to punk
rock, reading William Burroughs and studying Lenin, four school friends from Blackwood, Wales were never average working class kids. Alienated and brimming with
political rage, they formed the band in 1986 and they blazed a trail of androgynous glamour, heartfelt
sloganeering and teenage angst on their debut album Generation Terrorists
in 1992 with a darker side emerging on The Holy Bible in 1994 as chief
lyricist Richey Edwards became increasingly depressed. Edwards vanished in 1995
and though his body was never found, he was officially presumed dead in 2008.
The remaining members continued as a trio, bouncing back with the number 1
single “Design for Life” and the album Everything Must Go (1996).
“If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next” came in 1998 and was a
UK number 1 single with its album This Is My Truth, Tell Me Yours also
hitting the top spot. Maintaining their popularity, they used Edwards' final
lyrics, written shortly before his disappearance, on their ninth studio album Journal
for Plague Lovers
(2009), with the intention that the album would form
Edwards' legacy. They followed this up with Postcards from a Young Man in
2010 and National Treasures, a collection of the band's singles, in
2011. Rewind the Film came in 2013 and reached number 4 on the UK Albums
Chart. Futurology followed the year after and got them to number 2 on
the UK Albums Chart as did 2018’s Resistance Is Futile. 2021’s The
Ultra Vivid Lament
returned them to the top of the album chart for the first
time in over twenty years.