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Formed in 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark, Heilung is a multinational folk band inspired by Bronze Age traditions, ancient instruments, Viking texts, Tibetan throat singing, and bygone musical traditions. German vocalist Kai Uwe Faust and Danish producer Christopher Juul were the band's first two members, with vocalist Maria Franz joining the lineup in time for the release of Heilung's debut album, Ofnir, in 2015. The band began performing live for the first time in 2017, incorporating a striking visual presence — as well as unique costumes featuring fur, antlers, and bones — into their sets. This made Heilung a must-see concert attraction, and the band's performance at Castlefest in Lisse, the Netherlands, was released under the title Lifa in late 2017. After signing with the indie label Season of Mist in 2018, Heilung reissued both Ofnir and Lifa. The band's second full-length album, Futha, followed in 2019, and Heilung's popularity as the band's music began appearing in episodes of the television program Vikings. Three years later, the band released a third album, Drif, in August 2022. The most expansive record of Heilung's career, Drif looked beyond Northern Europe for its inspiration, taking musical dues from other ancient civilizations. The album was a commercial success, too, reaching Number 9 in Germany and Number 25 in Austria.