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I Found Amber Run 04:34
5AM Amber Run 04:17
I'm Tired (Acoustic) Amber Run 03:26
Fickle Game Amber Run 04:23
Half Alive Amber Run 03:35
The Beautiful Victorious Amber Run 03:34
Spark Amber Run 03:31
Just My Soul Responding Amber Run 03:58
Ride Amber Run 04:33
Heaven is a Place Amber Run 03:13

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I Found
M.F. (interlude)

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The British indie, alt-pop band
Amber Run formed in 2012 when childhood friends Tom Spelling (bass), Joe Keough
(guitarist) and Will Jones (guitar), met Felix Archer (drums) and Henry Wyeth
(keyboards) while all three attended the University of Nottingham. Thanks to an
early break, they played the 2013 Reading Festival, which brought them a record
deal. The next year they issued 3 EPs—Noah, Spark, and Pilot.
Their dreamy, introspective music was big on emotion, and their first proper
LP, 2015’s 5am caught on enough to get the album to number 36 in the UK
while the album’s lead track, “I Found” sold well enough to be certified
Silver. Archer and Jones decamped in 2016, and the band was released from its
recording contract. The remaining trio released a string of singles that
culminated in the 2017 album For a Moment, I Was Lost. The album topped
out at number 49. Two years later Philophobia found the band attempting
to bring a more ornate, orchestral element some songs and alternating them with
more raucous numbers.