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Yolun Sonu Tuğba Yurt 02:41
İnceden İnceden Tuğba Yurt 03:11
Benim O Tuğba Yurt 03:01
Yine Sev Yine Tuğba Yurt 03:25
Yine Sev Yine Tuğba Yurt 03:02
Zalim Tuğba Yurt 04:12
Dünya Hevesi Tuğba Yurt 03:30
Sonsuza Dek Tuğba Yurt 02:40
Açmayalım Tuğba Yurt 03:01
Ne Mesele Tuğba Yurt 02:31

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Yolun Sonu

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Although born in Belgium on September 2, 1987, Tuğba Yurt returned to the Bursa Province with her Turkish parents while still an infant. The vocalist grew up in Bursa and collaborated with producer 3 Adım Müzik on her debut EP, Aşk'a Emanet, which was released in 2013. One year later, she released her own version of "Sakin Ol," a song that had originally been recorded by Sertab Erener. Featuring cameos by several actors from the Turkish film Kardeş Payı, the song's accompanying music video went viral, earning more than 120 million digital views and becoming one of the highest-video videos of 2014. The singles "Oh Oh" and ""Aklımda Sorular Var" both followed in 2015. Tuğba Yurt continued releasing stand-alone singles for several years, working with producer DMC on a string of releases — including 2016's "Güç Bende Artık," 2017's "İnceden İnceden," and 2018's "Yine Sev Yine" — before releasing her proper debut album, Sığınak, in 2019. DMC produced the album, as well. She then refocused her attention on singles, including 2021's "Açmayalım." The song was a Top 40 hit in Turkey, peaking at Number 23 on the Top 100: Turquie chart. One year later, she cracked the Top 100 once again with a new track, "Ne Mesele."