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Quitter l'autoroute Didier Barbelivien 04:07
Méditerranéenne Didier Barbelivien, Tatiana Platon 03:57
Il faut laisser le temps au temps Didier Barbelivien, Felix Gray 04:05
Quand je t'aime Didier Barbelivien, Tatiana Platon 03:28
À toutes les filles... Felix Gray, Didier Barbelivien 04:18
Et tu danses avec lui Didier Barbelivien 03:32
Les mariés de Vendée Didier Barbelivien, AnaïS 04:06
Elsa Didier Barbelivien 03:15
Jean de France Didier Barbelivien 03:51
La rivière de notre enfance Didier Barbelivien 03:07

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70 ans (2023 Edit)

- Didier Barbelivien


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A major figure in French variety, Didier Barbelivien, born in Paris on March 10, 1954, spent a long time behind the scenes, composing for others before breaking through himself in the 1990s, notably with his duet with Felix Gray: "À toutes les filles". A poet out of time, retaining a certain loyalty to the monarchical idea two hundred years after the Revolution (his song "Vive le Roi " bears witness to this), Barbelivien's repertoire is tinged with a certain "conservatisme de terroir". With over two thousand songs to his credit, this author, composer and performer is an established name in the service of the most prestigious French-speaking artists. From Johnny Hallyday to Patricia Kaas and Michel Sardou, many of them owe him a debt of gratitude. After giving his all for others, Didier Barbelivien has devoted three albums to personalities who have particularly touched him, in Atelier d'Artistes (2009), Mes Préférences (2011) and Dédicacé (2013). The planned musical Marie-Antoinette et le Chevalier de Maison-Rouge, scheduled for 2016, was eventually cancelled in favor of a new personal album, Amours de Moi.