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Nie begegnet Esther Graf, Monet192 02:45
best part Esther Graf 02:39
Wie mein Herz bricht Esther Graf 03:12
Bum Bum Eis FiNCH, Esther Graf 02:55
Letzte Mail Esther Graf 02:48
Mehr als Du mir gönnst Esther Graf 02:59
Merry Christmas Everyone Esther Graf 02:52
Mit dir schlafen Alligatoah, Esther Graf 03:19
Tschau Tschau Esther Graf 02:36
Red Flags Esther Graf 03:04

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Best part

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Esther Graf (September 8, 1998) is an Austrian singer and model. Born in Spittal an der Drau but raised in Altenberg, she received her musical education at Bad Hofgastein's BORG Gastein. Soon after, she joined the school choir and made an appearance on national television on the show Die große Chance der Chöre, finishing up in third place. In 2019, Esther Graf made her official with the singles "Chamäleon" and "Nummer 10," followed by "Wasted" a year later. During that time, she also featured on Karen's "Dynamit" and Olexesh's "Letztes Mal." After relocating to Berlin in 2021, she returned with the singles "Red Flags," "Merry Christmas Everyone," and "Tschau Tschau." Later that year, Esther Graf scored her first charting single with the Alligatoah collaborative single "Mit dir schlafen," which reached Number 67 on the German charts. "Nie begegnet," her first single of 2022, peaked at Number 78 and featured an appearance by Monet192.