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You Are the Scars Harakiri for the Sky 10:36
Dry the River Harakiri for the Sky 09:50
Heroin Waltz Harakiri for the Sky, Bernth 09:47
Once Upon a Winter Harakiri for the Sky 10:26
Funeral Dreams Harakiri for the Sky 08:58
Fire, Walk with Me Harakiri for the Sky 09:08
Sing for the Damage We've Done Harakiri for the Sky, Alcest 08:05
Panoptycon Harakiri for the Sky, Heretoir 07:18
Thanatos Harakiri for the Sky 09:21
Time Is a Ghost Harakiri for the Sky 08:33

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My Bones to the Sea
Homecoming, Denied!
69 Dead Birds for Utøya


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The Austrian black metal band Harakiri for the Sky was formed in 2011 by frontman JJ, also known as Michael V. Wahntraum, and instrumentalist Matthias Sollak. Already known by Austrian metalheads as a member of the folk-metal band Bifröst, Sollak maintained his status in both groups until Bifröst's breakup in 2015. Based in both Salzburg and Vienna, Harakiri for the Sky's co-founders took an experimental approach to the black metal format with their self-titled debut, Harakiri for the Sky. The album appeared in 2012, and its accompanying tour introduced an expanded version of the group's lineup that included drummer Morbus J, bassist Thomas Dornig, and guitarist Marrok. Thomas "T. Martyr" Leitner briefly joined the lineup as the band's new drummer in 2014, and the sophomore album Aokigahara was released that same year. Leitner was soon replaced by Mischa Bruemmer, solidifying Harakiri for the Sky's lineup for the next decade. Following the release of 2016's III: Trauma, the band charted for the first time with 2018's Arson, which hit Number 62 in Austria and Number 29 in Germany. Mӕre followed in 2021, reaching Number 4 in Germany while hitting the Top 40 in both Germany and Switzerland. Two albums, Aokigahara MMXXII and Harakiri for the Sky MMXXII, were released in 2022, with the former hitting Number 91 on the German charts.