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Emma Matmatah 03:57
Lambé An Dro Matmatah 03:54
Les moutons Matmatah 03:48
L'apologie Matmatah 03:18
Au conditionnel Matmatah 03:25
Petite frappe Matmatah 04:15
La fille du chat noir Matmatah 03:14
La cerise Matmatah 03:35
Derrière ton dos Matmatah 04:01
Bande à part Matmatah 04:34

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Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine with Matmatah at L'Embarcadère (July 12, 2024)
Boulogne Sur Mer, France

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French rock band Matmatah came together in 1996 when then-student and guitarist Tristan Nihouarn met fellow student and guitarist Cédric Floc'h in the city of Brest, Brittany. They decided to form a chanson and guitar duo called the Tricards Twins and honed their sound by playing in local bars. before crossing paths with bassist Eric Digaire and drummer Jean-François Paillard at one of their shows and forming Matmatah, named after the village in Tunisia in which Tristan Nihouarn had grown up. The band garnered attention for their first two songs "Lambé An Dro" and "Les Moutons" (The Sheep) in 1997 and kept up the momentum on their Celtic rock-flavoured debut album La Ouache, released in 1998. Second album Rebelote came in 2001, followed by live album, Lust for a Live, and the Piste Off DVD that same year. After replacing Jean-François Paillard Benoît Fournier with new drummer Benoît Fournier, they dropped their third album Archie Kramer in 2004, which featured the singles "Casi El Silencio" and "Au Conditionnel." Their fourth album La Cerise (The Cherry) emerged in 2007 following an extensive world tour but the band decided to call it quits in 2008. However, they reunited in 2016 and released their first new material in nine years, fifth studio album Plates Coutures ("Flat Sewings"). Their sixth album Miscellanées Bissextiles was released in 2023.