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Together We're Strong Mireille Mathieu, Patrick Duffy 03:56
Der Pariser Tango Mireille Mathieu 02:49
La Paloma Adieu Arno, Mireille Mathieu 03:15
Une femme amoureuse Mireille Mathieu 04:08
Pardonne-moi ce caprice d'enfant Mireille Mathieu 03:21
Acropolis adieu Mireille Mathieu 03:28
Bravo tu as gagné Mireille Mathieu 04:36
Padam Padam Mireille Mathieu 03:09
Milord Mireille Mathieu 04:44
Padam Padam Mireille Mathieu 02:56

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Dubbed the "new Edith Piaf" in her early days, Mireille Mathieu was revealed on live television after winning a singing competition. born in 1946, "La demoiselle d'Avignon" enjoyed dazzling success in the mid-1960s, thanks to a made-to-measure repertoire ranging from "Paris en colère " to "La Dernière valse", and on stage, where she sold out the Olympia several times. An ambassador for French chanson abroad, Mireille Mathieu's international career expanded as her popularity in France waned. Numerous tours of Japan, the USA, China and the USSR, then Russia, gave her a label that had its downside. The following decades, still paved with hits such as "Mille colombes"," Je suis une femme amoureuse" and "Bravo tu as gagné", maintained the singer's popularity, although her unchanging image was dented by the media. The guardian of a certain "French Quality", Mireille Mathieu, once unavoidable, has been caught up by time and fashions, which have frozen her in an era with her eternal bangs.