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Soft Currents
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Female singer/songwriter Alexandra
Savior was born Alexandra Savior McDermott on June 14, 1995. A self-proclaimed
misfit in high school, she quickly gained an interest in songwriting as a
teenager in order to express her feelings. In 2012, before she graduated high
school, a clip she made of herself singing Angus Stone’s song “Big Jet Plane”
was seen and championed by Courtney Love. Deciding against college in favor of
a music career, she signed with Columbia in 2013 and began work on her debut
album with Arctic Monkey’s frontman Alex Turner. As they shaped material for her
debut, her song “M.T.M.E.” appeared in the series True Detective
in 2015. Her first LP, Belladonna of Sadness, was completed that same
year, but was not released until 2017. That album showcased her torchy voice, moody
lyrics, and cinematic soundscapes. It earned her good reviews, and brought
comparisons to Fiona Apple and Lana Del Rey. Columbia Records, disappointed
with the sales, dropped her and she signed with 30th Century Records,
who released her sophomore album, The Archer, in early 2020.