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Ferdi Tayfur

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Sabahçı Kahvesi Ferdi Tayfur 04:40
İçim Yanar Ferdi Tayfur 04:18
Huzurum Kalmadı Ferdi Tayfur 03:53
Bana Sor Ferdi Tayfur 06:01
Hatıran Yeter Ferdi Tayfur 04:47
Avareyim Ferdi Tayfur 05:00
Ben de Özledim Ferdi Tayfur 04:03
Gitmeyin Yıllar Ferdi Tayfur 05:53
Geçen Yıl Ferdi Tayfur 05:13
Sevda Yelleri Ferdi Tayfur 04:38

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Ferdi Tayfur, whose real name is Ferdi Tayfur Turanbayburt, is a multifaceted Turkish artist born on November 15, 1945, in Adana, Turkey. Despite his father's desire for him to receive a good education, tragedy struck when he was assassinated, leaving Tayfur to grow up in poverty and rely on odd jobs for survival. Finding solace in music, he began his journey by performing at weddings and in 1968, secured his first contract for two records in 1968, however, they were not well-received. His breakthrough came in 1971 with the album Huzurum Kalmadı, and he continued to soar with subsequent releases like Kır Çiçekleri in 1973 and Bana Gerçekleri Söyle in 1974. The release of Bırak Şu Gurbeti in 1975 marked a turning point in his career, gaining wider recognition with the hit song "Çeşme." From then on, his star began to rise and he continued to perform a diverse and extensive discography, including notable albums such as Ben de Özledim in 1982, featuring his famous song "Sevda Yelleri" as well as various compilations such as Boynu Bükük Şarkılarım in 2009 and Baharımsın Kışımsın in 2010. In 2023, "Sevda Yelleri" returned to the charts, landing at number 142.