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Substance 03 Greedo 03:39
Secrets (Remix) Rayven Justice, 03 Greedo 02:17
Disco Shit (feat. Freddie Gibbs) 03 Greedo, Kenny Beats, Freddie Gibbs 02:51
In My Feelings 03 Greedo 02:51
Trap House (feat. Shoreline Mafia) 03 Greedo, Shoreline Mafia 03:41
House Call Quin Nfn, 03 Greedo 03:58
Rude 03 Greedo 02:34
Misunderstood Big Sad 1900, 03 Greedo 05:16

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Rich On Grape Street

- 03 Greedo


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03 Greedo – born Jason Jackson in Los Angeles, California on July 26, 1987 – is a rapper, producer, and singer/songwriter best known for Purple Summer mixtape series. His musical journey began in his late teens when he began working retail jobs while also record his own beats. Becoming a father at the age of 18, he turned to selling drugs in order to support his wife and child. Moving to Watts, California, he began creating mixtapes under the name of Greedy Giddy and uploaded tracks to his social media account between 2014 and 2016. Changing his name to 03 Greedo in 2016, he issued the mixtapes Purple Summer and Purple Summer 2: Sun Doesn’t Shine on his own Golden Grenade Empire label. In the midst of this success, he was arrested in Texas and charged with drug trafficking and possession of firearms. The following year, he released three more mixtapes – Purple Summer 03: Purple Hearted Soldier, First Night Out, and Money Changes Everything – before signing to Alamo Records in 2018. After releasing two more mixtapes that year -The Wolf of Grape Street and God Level – he recorded a large backlog of tracks before he was sentenced to 20 years in prison for his drug trafficking and firearms possession charges. That year, he released a song entitled “Substance” which was featured in many videos created by users of social media and became a hit in the process. Since his incarceration, 03 Greedo’s stockpile of pre-recorded material has been released on albums such as Still Summer in the Projects (2019) and Load it Up featuring RonRonTheProducer (2020).